The world’s first space tourist bought tickets for a flight around the moon

The world’s first space tourist Tito bought tickets for SpaceX’s flight around the moon

Dennis Tito, who is the world’s first space tourist, bought tickets for the flight around the moon.

Tito, 82, along with his wife Akiko, bought two seats on a future flight of the SpaceX spacecraft, which will circle the natural satellite of the Earth. Tito noted that the timing of the flight is not specified and the ship is unlikely to go to the moon in the near future.

Space tourist made its first flight in April 2001. Tito flew to the International Space Station aboard the Russian ship Soyuz TMA-32. The flight cost $20 million.

In July, Agat, which is part of Roscosmos, said that it is more profitable to send people to Earth orbit on a Russian Soyuz MS spacecraft than on the American Crew Dragon or Starliner. The Starliner launch price is $345 million.

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