The U.S. told about Starlink’s resistance to Russian weapons

The destruction of several of the approximately 3,500 Starlink satellites will not interfere with the stability of the entire space constellation, said Derek Turner, director of the Space Development Agency of the U.S. Space Forces. His words are quoted by SpaceNews.

According to him, satellites in low earth orbit are usually designed to operate for up to five years, so about a fifth of them require annual replacement. In his opinion, this means that the Pentagon “will be able to absorb a certain amount of losses.

The paper reminds that such rivals of the United States as China and Russia have anti-satellite capabilities.

Earlier, the South China Morning Post wrote that the satellite Internet network Starlink could be destroyed with a nuclear strike in space.

In October, the head of SpaceX Ilon Musk said that the Chinese authorities have always been against the deployment of the Starlink system in the region.

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Anton Berg

Anton Berg

Editor-in-Chief. Anton Berg is a science journalist holds a bachelor of science degree in physics. He has been fascinated by space since childhood and studies everything related to space and spaceflight.

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