The James Webb telescope took new images of the Pillars of Creation

The James Webb telescope has taken new images of the Pillars of Creation and shared them with scientists. The pictures show gas clusters in the central part of the Eagle Nebula, from which the stars are formed. NASA announced this on its website.

“The new images of the Pillars of Creation taken by the [Webb] telescope will help researchers modernize their star formation models by more accurately counting newly formed stars,” NASA said.

The researchers said these pillars are composed of cold interstellar gas and dust that at times appear translucent in near-infrared light.

The Pillars of Creation were first captured in 1995 by the Hubble Orbiting Telescope. The new images will help NASA update its models of star formation by determining more accurately the number of stars that formed, as well as the amount of gas and dust in the area.

Earlier, NASA and the Italian Space Agency decided to put the remains of the exploded Cassiopeia A supernova on an astronomical map.

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Anton Berg

Anton Berg

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