SpaceX launched a secret satellite on the world’s most powerful rocket

SpaceX for the fourth time launched the most powerful rocket in the world – the superheavy Falcon Heavy. It is reported on Twitter.

The launch occurred from the launch pad 39A Space Center John F. Kennedy in Florida. The launch was ordered by the Pentagon. The purpose of the payload, launched into geostationary orbit, is classified.

As writes, the head end of the carrier has at least two spacecraft: the first, TETRA-1, and the second, an unknown satellite. It is possible that the rocket carries other classified spacecraft as well.

After the launch, two reusable Falcon Heavy side boosters, each representing the first stage of a Falcon 9 heavy rocket, successfully returned to Earth.

Launched 50-th for the company SpaceX this year. The previous Falcon Heavy launched in 2019.

In August, Bloomberg reported that SpaceX was certified by the U.S. Space Force, having received permission to use Falcon Heavy to launch reconnaissance satellites.

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Anton Berg

Anton Berg

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