SpaceX launched a rocket with 53 Starlink satellites

First stage of Falcon 9 carrier previously used in seven launches

NEW YORK, Oct. 28. SpaceX launched a Falcon 9 launch vehicle with another constellation of Starlink microsatellites on Thursday. The launch is being broadcast on the company’s website.

The launch from the launch pad at Vandenberg Air Force Base (California) took place at 18:14 local time. Fifty-three microsatellites will be launched into low Earth orbit.

The launcher’s first stage has previously been used in seven launches. SpaceX employees intend to return this Falcon 9 element to Earth. It is expected that after the launch of the stage in the automatic mode smoothly descend to the floating platform Of Course I Still Love You in the Pacific. This technology allows the company to reduce the cost of successive launches.

The Starlink network is designed to provide Internet access by deploying a large number of vehicles. SpaceX estimates that launching a total of 11 thousand satellites and putting them into operation will cost $10 billion. The company assures that it will be able to provide broadband internet access at speeds of 1 Gbit per second, which corresponds to the 5G standard. Since May 2019, SpaceX has put more than 3,100 Starlink satellites into orbit.

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