Chinese crew of the “Shenzhou-14” mission congratulated fellow citizens of the Founding Republic of China

Chinese astronauts on the manned Shenzhou-14 mission have congratulated fellow citizens on the 73rd anniversary of the founding Republic of China. The crew on the space station under construction sent best wishes to residents of the Middle Kingdom, China Central Television reported Saturday.

“This month we are going to welcome the arrival of the Mentian laboratory module, and then witness the completion of the Chinese space station,” the crew said. – Thank you for the people’s support! Thank you for this great era! We will be sure to prepare carefully, act accurately and make 100% effort to successfully accomplish this mission and glorify our homeland in outer space!”

The Chinese space station welcomed the holiday in a new configuration, the channel reports. A day earlier, it completed the installation of the Wentian laboratory module, which docked to the Tianhe base module. The station now looks like the letter “G.” After the Mentian module arrives and is installed, the station will become T-shaped.

The Chinese station is at an altitude of about 400 km. It’s designed for three people (up to six for short-term crew changes) and will last more than 10 years. At the moment, the station consists, in particular, of the base module “Tianhe”, the cargo ship “Tianzhou-4” and the manned spacecraft “Shenzhou-14”. The crew of the latter arrived at the station in early June and is expected to stay there until the end of December.

China’s foundation day is celebrated on October 1, it is considered one of the main holidays of the republic. The country has declared a week off on the occasion.

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