Russian observatories recorded a new asteroid approaching Earth

Two Russian observatories have discovered a new asteroid 2022 SE37 on the night of October 1. This is reported by the Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics. Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics (IPM) of the Russian Academy of Sciences, distributed on Sunday.

“On the night of October 1, two observatories in southern Russia confirmed the detection of a new asteroid 2022 SE37 approaching the Earth,” the institute said in a Telegram channel message.

As clarified in the IPM, the asteroid is 0.3 miles in diameter, it orbits the Sun on an elongated orbit with a period of 3.44 years. “It poses no danger to Earth in the foreseeable future,” they added.

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Anton Berg

Anton Berg

Editor-in-Chief. Anton Berg is a science journalist holds a bachelor of science degree in physics. He has been fascinated by space since childhood and studies everything related to space and spaceflight.

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