Russian Ministry of Defense told about experiments with foreign satellites

On the occasion of the 65th anniversary of Russia’s Space Forces, the Defense Ministry said that the Russian military conducted experiments with foreign satellites in orbit.

Thus, specialists of the Main Center of Space Situation Intelligence paid special attention to experiments in orbits with spacecraft of foreign countries. In addition, they controlled the composition and state of orbital constellations of foreign space systems.

Besides, the on-duty facilities of Russian early warning system and specialized facilities of space control and missile defense systems discovered more than 150 launches of foreign and Russian ballistic missiles and space rockets.

Earlier Tony Radakin, the head of the British General Staff, stated that Moscow can strike London from different sides, including from space, and also disable communication systems and satellites. According to him, Russia “has forces in space”.

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Anton Berg

Anton Berg

Editor-in-Chief. Anton Berg is a science journalist holds a bachelor of science degree in physics. He has been fascinated by space since childhood and studies everything related to space and spaceflight.

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