Images from the James Webb telescope have been optimized

Images from NASA‘s James Webb Space Telescope have been optimized by superimposing X-ray footage from the Chandra Observatory. This is reported on the official Chandra website.

The James Webb telescope is the largest orbiting station ever launched by mankind. It allows even the most distant and early galaxies and objects to be viewed in great detail. However, the Webb is equipped with instruments that can observe only in the infrared and red visible spectrum.

Astronomers have now been able to obtain more complete images by combining data from the Chandra Observatory with images taken with James Webb. Chandra was launched in 1999 to observe sources of high-energy photons, such as superheated gas and supernova remnants, in the X-ray spectrum.

In the footage, the X-ray sources taken on Chandra can be discerned – they are highlighted in purple. The other colors were taken on Webb. The Stefan Quintet, Cartwheel, the Carina Nebula and other objects have been captured in the images.

In September 2022, the James Webb Space Telescope took the clearest images of Neptune’s rings for the first time in 30 years.

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Liam Johnson

Liam Johnson

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