Boeing’s losses on the replacement of the Russian Soyuz MS increased

Losses of the American company Boeing on the manned spacecraft program Starliner, which, together with the Crew Dragon should become a replacement for the Russian Soyuz MS, have increased, approaching $ 900 million. This is reported by SpaceNews.

It is noted that in the third quarter of the Starliner company wrote off 195 million of its own funds. The rest of the funds were recorded in previous reporting periods.

At Boeing, the main loss on the manned spacecraft program associated with the failure of the mission Orbital Flight Test (OFT), as a result of which the spacecraft without a crew was unable to reach the International Space Station (ISS).

“There remains a risk that we may record additional losses in future periods,” the company said in a statement.

In August, NASA Commercial Flight Program Manager Steve Stich said the first manned flight of the U.S. Starliner spacecraft to the ISS could take place in February 2023.

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Marie Weber

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