Billionaire Bezos was told about the dangers of Russia and China in space

U.S. Space Command officials told the U.S. billionaire Jeff Bezos, the owner of the company Blue Origin, which is considered one of the main competitors of SpaceX Ilon Musk, about the danger of Russia and China in space. It is reported by SpaceNews.

Pentagon officials said that Russia and China now have laser systems that can blind the electro-optical cameras of Western satellites. Another possibility that Beijing has is the use of maneuvering spacecraft to transport satellites from one orbit to another.

The capabilities of “inspector satellites,” which are capable of orbiting around a given spacecraft, are noted separately. Another capability that US competitors have is communication jamming systems, which, according to the American side, will become widespread in space in the future.

Particular attention is paid to Moscow’s ability to carry out cyber attacks, as well as to the system of partial-orbital bombing, on which China is actively working.

The Pentagon is sure that the Chinese global navigation system is catching up with the American one in its capabilities, and the “space war” is of economic nature for Beijing.

In August, China Central Television reported that Beijing successfully launched a rocket with an experimental reusable spacecraft.

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